Slot Machines

Slot machines have come a long way from the good old fashioned “One armed bandit” and our modern slots hall at the Regency Casino houses 141 fabulous Slot machines. An exciting variety of state-of-the-art Slot machines provide an interesting variety of games to cater for all pockets and most preferences.

Machine Types

Slot Machines

This machine type spins reels which maintain the feel of the one-armed bandit – but on a modern and automated level. There are usually three reels but the more modern machines can have up to five reels. Clients resistant to change prefer the Classic slot to any other machine.

Video Slot Machine

These are relatively new and innovative inventions (“computers in fancy boxes” – as one customer was heard to remark!).The difference between the Classic Slot and the Video slot is that the action takes place on a computer screen programmed to look like reels, and the variety of combinations for selecting credits to play and credit lines are far greater.

Table Game Slots

For players who enjoys seclusion, table game slot machines - Poker, Roulette, Blackjack - are available. The advantage of video slots, is the interactivity they offer and the bonus rounds that can be earned.

Progressive Slots

These are slots that are networked to other slot machines so that the networked machines create a progressive jackpot pool which can be won on any of the networked machines. The excitement of playing the progressive Slot is being able to see the jackpot increase steadily with each & every bet made.

Pay & Play Slots

For your safely and convenience, all money for play on the slot machines is loaded directly onto a card. Similarly, any money won is posted immediately back onto the card. This cashless system allows you the enjoyment of moving freely about the casino without the concern of carrying cash around. Our efficient and friendly staff are constantly on hand to guide and assist you as you wish.

Tips for getting the most out of Slots play

  • No two Slots Are Alike - This is deliberate in order to cater for different experiences, expectations and personal economies.  Choosing a machine that appeals to your sense of adventure and best suits your budget, which will increase your gaming pleasure and positively affect the length of time you play.
  • Know your machine - Familiarize yourself with payouts, for some machines pay small amount frequently whilst others pay larger amounts less frequently. As you play longer you will get to know the machine trends which will help you find one that best suits your needs
  • Maths vs. Thrills – Work out how many credits are used in a maximum bet against what you can afford and the speed with which your credits will be used up. This will help you establish whether to proceed cautiously or to go all out, and to keep an account balance on your available funds.
  • Video slots – These machines can maximize your chances by covering all the lines with at least one credit on each line which will increase your chances of winning whilst keeping the cost per spin down.
  • Help button – Become familiar with the bonus features, there is a help button that explains them. If you are experiencing difficulty understanding any aspect of your slot machine, remember that professional Staff are at your service at all times.

Thrills for Longer

Choose what you enjoy most about gambling: Is it the thrill of taking big chances with your money? Do you prefer to make smaller bets and extend your playing time, or does the social aspect hold the greatest? Whatever the motivation, you could get the best of your gaming experience by identifying your buzz factor & combining it with several other factors.

When To Collect

After a large win it is often a good idea to collect your winnings before carrying on playing. This way you can monitor your winnings more closely and it often prolongs your gaming experience.


Slots and all other casino games are essentially about luck but being better informed may enhance your chances of winning and make your gaming experience that much more enjoyable.